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Office Building - Pratibha Printing Press
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The ISO 9001: 2008 certified Pratibha Printing Press is synonymous with quality. With a passion to constantly upgrade its technology the group has invested heavily in the latest machines for the last 6 decades.

Apart from keeping pace with cutting edge technology, the team here is well trained. The passionate team here has both specialists and generalists. They ensure not just perfect services but also a smooth execution of ideas.

With a range of services from pre-press to post-press excellence is ensured at every step. The press is spread across an area of approx. 14500 sq foot and is equipped with the latest infrastructure and machines including Heidelberg and Automatic ADAST CPC with alcohol damping to ensure the best production results.

Pre Press Solutions
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Pre Press Solutions

Designing is one of the most critical activities in a printing press and we ensure due importance is given to this process. With the latest designing softwares and a competent team, we ensure a smooth execution of services. The experienced designers hand hold the customers for getting the right design to suit the clients requirements. From understanding the product and the category from the customer, to doing the brainstorming and idea generation with clients the designers here provide a stroke of differentiation with their creativity which ultimately results in printing a quality product.

Following press activities are carried out at the Printing Press

  • Designing
  • Scanning / Output
  • CTP (Computer to Plate) AM/FM Screening
  • Conventional PS Platemaking
  • Machine Proof
Pre Press Solutions
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Press Solutions

Continuous investment in printing technology has helped us evolve our printing quality over the years. The high-speed, hi-tech equipment here provides our customers with a fast turnaround and consistently superior quality. The press is equipped with the multicoloured machines in various sizes to cater to any kind of requirement.

Some of the activities that the press is adept at conducting include

  • Offset Printing – Multicoloured printing on Heidelberg and ADAST CPC Machines
  • Screen Printing
  • Online Aqueous Coating
  • Online over Printing Varnishing
  • Online Perforation / Creasing
  • Specialized Metallic Colour Printing
Pre Press Solutions
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Post Press Solutions

Final touch and presentation is extremely critical for making a good impact, hence Pratibha Printing Press has the latest technology in post press/finishing equipment.

Our post press services include the following activities

  • Binding

    1. Centre Stitching
    2. Comb Binding
    3. Hard Case Binding
    4. Loop Binding, Spiral Binding
    5. Leather Binding
    6. Perfect Binding
    7. Saddle Stitching
    8. Wiro Binding
    9. Perforation
  • Finishing

    1. Die-cutting
    2. Creasing
    3. Embossing
    4. Foiling
    5. Hot Stamping
    6. Gold leafing
    7. Glitter UV
    8. Grain UV
    9. Spot UV
    10. Lamination (BOPP, MATT and Thermal)
    11. Structure Finish
    12. Aquous Varnishing
  • Other

    1. Folding
    2. Gathering
    3. Lettering
    4. Numbering
    5. Section Sewing
    6. Trimming

Hiedelberg 2-Colour Machine

Sewing Machine

Single Colour Machine

Wire Sewing Machine